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24 August 2006

My local.

Betcha' thought I was gonna post pics of my nearest and dearest pub, didn't ya? Well, until the smoking ban goes into effect here in the UK (probably sometime next year) I won't be seen in too many pubs too often. Granted, the George across the street has a non-smoking section but I can't help feel like that entire place (especially the bunkettes) could use with a serious scrubdown. I worry sometimes that I'm going to go to stand up and find myself stuck like chewing gum on a cinema floor. Still, their nachos rock. I'd thought we'd start with one of my favourite places in Brighton, not least because I want to enter it as a Food Destination for this month's Local Greenmarket competish'.

What I'm referring to actually is the place I drag Stephen (or anyone else) to every weekend for breakfast/lunch/brunch. This place is known as Bill's Produce Store and you can read all about my previous encounters here. In the meantime, here are some pics to tickle your tastebuds:
You see, not only is Bill's a lovely dining experience, it is also a produce shop of a unique caliber (think purple bell peppers and white eggplants, dragonfruits and fresh figs). The walls are lined with their own brand of jams, marmalades, chutneys, curds, and pickles in addition to all the very finest imports, such as Italian provolone cheese and Spanish cooking chorizo. They have takeaway paninis, complete with a piece of fruit for your lunch and they have the most complex and gargantuan desserts I've ever seen.

That sir, is a banoffee pie (think banana + toffee and you get the idea). It looks rather like one of the hats a lady would wear at Ascot but it is actually an explosion of Cadbury Flakes, bananas, walnuts and chocolate all nestled down into a lovely pie of toffee. Their desserts are to be shared only. Grandmom and I learned that the hard way, ie not being able to move for the rest of the day.

My lunch this day consisted of a Buck Rarebit (not to be confused with the Welsh Rarebit, which is essentially an openfaced grilled cheese sandwich with a dash of mustard and Worcestershire sauce). No, this Buck Rarebit also came topped with eggs and ham, as well as cheese. It was delicious. So was my smoothie. No room for pudding but I still was a very happy Amanda this day. I then went and met Delphine and her lovely friends that were over visiting from France. We went to see "High Society" at the Duke of York Picturehouse. We all agreed that although enjoyable, it was no Philadelphia Story. Lovely day with lovely new friends all encompassed by that wonderful English summer weather that scarcely goes above 75.


Blogger Erin S. said...

What a lovely spot. Came here by way of the greenmarket roundup. How nice to get both a meal/dessert and your produce shopping in one place.

10:28 pm  

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