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26 August 2006

Amanda's sabbatical - Day 1

So far today I have:

1. Yelled at the cat to shut the eff up from 6.15 am til 7.20 when I finally got out of bed to feed his sorry ass. Of course now he's sleeping it off. I should go and rub my face against him for an hour and see how he likes it. Somehow I don't think it will have the same effect.

2. Had a light breakfast of saltines and fruit with a glass of apricot juice while watching a repeat of Judging Amy on the Hallmark Channel and Kim Possible on the Disney Channel (I love this show and not just because there is a naked molerat named Rufus who knows kung fu).

3. Got all up in tidying up the flat; swept, sorted recycling, dusted and hoovered the bedroom (much to Senor Kitty's dismay).

4. Made a pitcher of my beloved ice tea (no sugar, lots of lemon). I still have the box that Jill brought me over a year ago since I only JUST got a drinks pitcher.

5. Made plans with Yunhee to go to lunch at 1. I hope she picks Bill's. I was thinking of suggesting going somewhere totally different, like the snazzy new Indian deli that's just opened up the road. It's called - wait for it - Deli India. See what they did there? It's a new place tho which means I'd feel compelled to take pics and blog about it and I just don't know if I can be arsed today. My mission is never done I tell ya!

6. Thumbed through my newest cookbook and have decided to have a go at their version of a light, veggie lasagne. Pics to come.

I'm off now to email my landlady to see if she knows anything about the nutter next door who apparently has been building something for the past TWO YEARS. He drills and hammers at like, 11 in the evening and 5 in the morning! He also used to put his trash on our front step which of course would then be destroyed by the gulls. Oh. I've got my eye on this guy. You better believe it. I'm this close to putting a bag of flaming poo on his front step.


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