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30 August 2006

The best meme EVER - 5 foods to eat before you die

Melissa over at the Traveler's Lunchbox has started this madness of a list and why, you didn't really think I'd keep my opinions to myself, did you?

I found the other top 5's very curious. Some were straight to the punch and others felt the need to describe each item in excruciating detail. I found this slightly annoying and not very fun to read so instead I thought of it more as a "What would I want to eat for my Last Meal?" question.

Without further ado, I give list: (insert overly-dramatic music here)

1. A warm, jam donut from the Mock Turtle Teashop in Brighton, stuffed with cream, preferably eaten on a cold, grey day, of which we have many here in England.
2. Curry chip from the Moyola chippy on the Shore Road in Belfast, preferably after a night out on the piss.
3. Potatoes Dauphinoise from the Seven Dials Restaurant here in Brighton. Think of where boxed Potatoes Au Gratin came from and take out all the horrid pre-packaged Betty Crocker ingredients and you're left with potatoes, cheese (cheddar or gruyere), milk, eggs and cream. Baked til crusty and bubbling. If I could bathe in it without getting 1st degree burns, I just might.
4. Broiled crab cakes from Legends Restaurant in Delaware Park in Wilmington, Delaware. Even people from Maryland drive here to eat these beauties. $26 and worth every cent.
5. A Reuben from a Jewish deli. I can't even specify because if we have any Jewish delis in the UK, they sure aren't here. But my god, that combination of pastrami/corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing on rye bread, all toasted and oozing-does it get any better? I once read that Umberto Eco said, "You Americans have done 2 things right-pecan pie and Reubens." Amen.

And now, what about you? What's YOUR top 5?


Anonymous sam said...

that's the beauty of blogging, everyone can write in the style of their own choosing. there are no rules. and well, if there are rules, then they can be broken!

I thought my descriptions were pretty detailed, but i still have people writing to me and wanting to know more about my choices.

there is no rest for the wicked, it seems...

6:10 pm  
Blogger Jane said...

Here's mine :-)

Took some thinking about mind you...

7:59 pm  
Blogger Fred said...

1. Chocolate Rocky bar
2. Bag of Mini Cheddars (original flavour)
3. Fried egg sandwich with brown sauce (Cackleberries egg from Hen Heaven, Henfield, on fresh granary bread with Daddies sauce)
4. Black peas (carlings) with malt vinegar eaten with a teaspoon from a chipped cup from the stall outside Ramsbottom railway station
5. The chunky red snapper curry I had at Roti, Edinburgh last week

I'll probably think of some others now like that fantastic wild mushroom suet pudding I had at Terre a terre a couple of Christmasses ago, but that's cheating!


10:46 pm  
Anonymous dkb said...

Well, not necessarily fine cuisine, but if I were to choose my five 'last requests', they would have to be:

1. Citrus Squeeze. Jamba Juice's delightfully refreshing smoothie, best at 8.30 am on a summery Sunday after a long run. Not available in the UK (alas).

2. Any omlette at Just Breakfast. A wee step up from a greasy spoon, this place rocks for morning meals.

3. Big chicken burritos (or any Mexican fare, really) from Morgan Hill, California. Too many places to choose from, sorry.

4. Chocolate sundae from The Fountain. Indulgence, thy name is The Fountain. Thank GOD it's 5,000 miles away.

5. My dad's beer-batter waffles. Gorgeous on a lazy Sunday when I'm *not* running (see No. 1).

7:20 am  
Blogger feyrtys said...

I have to think about it, but I guess all the food I would like to eat on my last day on earth would do food from my childhood. Probably the "boeuf bourgignon" my mom used to make on sundays; a "truffade" from Sébastien's mother (a typical plate from my hometown: potatoes and soft fresh cheese on top cooked in a pan); foie gras on warm toasted rye bread like we used to have on Christmas; the typical Christmas "bûche" of my mom, made with sugar and unsweet chestnut cream and the famous lasagnas from my aunt Françoise.
I'm a nostalgic, what can I do?

3:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmmm... food.... you've hit me at my weakest link... that which consumes my every other waking thought... Putting together my last meal wish almost too easy...
1. Saigon Street Style Fried Calamari from New World Restaurant made by Chef Ric Orlando - absolutely out of the world, full of flavor and heat and texture, and amazingly, gluten-free.
2. Pasta Primavera with Grilled Italian Sausage, made by my Mom - because, seriously, it doesn't get any better.
3. Risotto - real risotto - not from a mix or packet - preferrably made with nutty italian cheese and some wild mushrooms.
4. Sushi - made freshwhile I watch - art and food combined with a powerful wasabi punch
5. Chicken Saag - from any place that does real Indian, not just americanized curries.

And all of the above served with an expensive red wine, with squares of dark 70% dark chocolate for dessert.

I could die happy...

1:42 am  

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