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06 June 2007

shame spiral into lemon-y goodness

I am obsessed with all things lemon, mainly lemon sweets and desserts. I see no point in buying any lemon curd other than Duchy Originals by Prince Charles himself. On the labels of your average lemon curd you can't even find "lemons" listed as an ingredient. I wish I was kidding.

Imagine my surprise when I read this on the back of my Duchy Originals jar (whilst standing with my teaspoon ready to scoop):

"Delicious served in pies and puddings, on ice-cream or yogurt or even by the spoonful straight from the jar." did they know??


Blogger Fred said...

Welcome back Amanda -- you've been missed!

You've obviously got a psychic jar! This stuff was called 'lemon cheese' when I was a boy and I loved it (as well as apricot jam) on warm fresh bread from the local bakery.


12:30 pm  

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