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24 September 2006

sugar high

£3. That's how much it costs for a day-saver (ie return) ticket on the bus these days. The Brighton & Hove bus company have faithfully increased their ticket prices every year around the same time as long as I've lived here. It used to be £2.40. Why am I telling you this? Because this means that my trips to Waitrose will be cut short (unless I get off my lazy ass and walk) and I am now forced to go to the dreaded straight-out-of-70's-Harlem Sainsbury's or super-chavvy Somerfields. Alas, I have found that my local butcher, who I visited for the first time on Friday due to a porkrib shortage at the other 2, actually stocks quite the variety of meats, some even being of the free-range persuasion. I can't whinge too much I guess seeing that the Open Market is just up around the corner as well. SIGH. mumbles something about loving Waitrose...

What was my point? I can't even remember. I just remember being really excited today when I was at Waitrose and found that they now stock Amy's Organic Soups, which I practically lived off of when I was a vegetarian and was feeling a bit posh. They were on sale so I bought the Black Bean and Lentil Veggie for Stephen's lunches this week. See? This is why Waitrose is so great and the other supermarkets AREN'T. My god, they even stock Bone Suckin' BBQ Sauce, imported from the US of A! Something else that Waitrose sells and no one else does (so therefore the Brits are clueless to the sheer wonderousness of it):

I give you...Fluff. Marshmallow Fluff to be exact. 1 of 3 vital ingredients for a Fluffernutter sandwich, the other two being white bread and peanut butter. My mother was somehow smart enough to not feed these to us as children HOWEVER I do remember the odd jars of Fluff showing up in our cupboards near Christmas. This is because my mother was making her infamous Never-Fail Fudge for practically everyone she knew. If I started selling this stuff I'd put the fudge shop around the corner out of business. For real. I found a bag of Nestle Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips lurking in my baking cupboard so guess what I made?

It's cooling in the pan as we speak. If you're my neighbour or husband's work colleague, be prepared for adult-onset diabetes when you try this stuff tomorrow. Weird that Waitrose thought to stock the Fluff in the Kosher section. Maybe it's Kosher, who knows? I found some Kosher semi-sweet chocolate chips (which you can never find here, it's always those small bags of chips that aren't semi-sweet and it's just so incredibly frustrating. Like buttermilk. Why is it so hard to find buttermilk??) so now that I've downloaded the recipe for the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER guess what I'll be making tomorrow.


Blogger feyrtys said...

Your fudge and your cookies are simply MARVELLOUS!

Merveilleux !
Fantastique !
Délicieux !

In a word : AWESOME!

8:58 pm  

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