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13 September 2006

pomegranates are the new black.

At least where I'm concerned. Not only have I geekily subscribed to the Pomegreat newsletter but I'm averaging about a litre of this stuff per day. I know it's the trendy new juice of the moment (I believe I saw an episode of "Queer Eye" that included pom-martinis) but I wouldn't drink it if I didn't like it. Not to mention all the health benefits like helping lower bad cholesterol, having 3 times as many antioxidants as green tea AND being chock full o' folic acid (for all you pregnant ladies out there). All hail the mighty pomegranate! At least until the next "superfood" comes along anyway!


Blogger Jane said...

Hi Amanda

Just to let you know you're now listed on Brighton Bloggers. I emailed the address you used to use, but got a message to say it wasn't a valid email anymore, so I've resorted to leaving you a comment :-)

12:36 pm  
Blogger Katherine said...

I loooove pomegranates and their juice. I made up a recipe a long time ago for a pomegranate-mint smoothie. Lots of plain yogurt, ice, a few swishes of pomegranate juice, and fresh mint leaves. YUM.

p.s. I'd like to email you if you don't mind... you can email me at katherinepershey at gmail dot com. Since I (sadly) have no plans to get to the UK anytime soon, we'll have to substitute email for tea for the time being. :-)

4:58 am  

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