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05 October 2006


I made good use today of my overpriced saver ticket and took the bus up to visit my beloved Waitrose. I had a list of some things that I needed, things I knew that I could only get there (like Bloomy's kosher semi-sweet chocolate chips that are currently making a good substitute for Nestle Tollhouse) and Libby's tinned pumpkin. Even though Thanksgiving isn't being celebrated in the Reid household til 18 November, I thought I would buy a tin and perhaps make some pumpkin bread or lovely pumpkin chocolate-chip squares for the boys (and girls) in Stephen's office.

You can imagine the look of sheer horror and bewilderment on my face as I turned down the baking aisle, scan the shelves and realize that they no longer stock Libby's tinned pumpkin. I felt so let down. Betrayed. How could my Waitrose do this to me? How can they force me to buy it off of some overpriced online import shop?? I felt personally slighted. I know that the Brits have not caught on to the luscious autumnal goodness that IS pumpkin pie because I have to make new converts every year at Thanksgiving. I was hoping though that like Philadelphia cream cheese, nachos and pancakes with maple syrup it would indeed start to make a small dent into the collective British culinary subsonscious.

Sigh. If anyone knows where I can get this in Brighton, please please please let me know. They charge like £4 a tin online.


Blogger Caryn said...

Hello, I've just come across your site and as a fellow Yank in the UK, I can say, this is devastating news!! I'll see if I can find some other sources for pumpkin as well and let you know!

12:27 pm  
Blogger Caryn said...

So the word is that some Waitroses carry pumpkin and some don't. I haven't checked mine yet but since it's over 30 minutes drive away and doesn't deliver, I'll have to plan a special trip closer to Thanksgiving.

10:25 am  

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